Metal Dust Extraction System

A motor winding company contacted Ducting Express after visiting our website. They were having issues with a build up of metal dust within their process and needed a solution. They had two areas of dust problems that they needed to address.

Existing extraction unit

Following the initial enquiry, a free of charge site survey was carried out by our design engineer. During the site survey our design engineer met with the customer to discuss possible solutions & options for solving the dust problem. Measurements and notes were taken in order for us to supply a quotation for remedial action.

The two problems where they had issues with were two separate systems used for polishing and linishing of products. The first area they were having problems with was the blinding of the filter elements within their dust extraction shaker unit and constantly having to replace the filter elements within the unit. The second area required additional capture hoods fitting to the linishing machines following a recent LEV assessment. Following our calculations, it was deemed that the existing extraction unit would not have enough capacity to accommodate these new hoods.

Ducting Express’ Solution

We proposed the following solution to the two separate problems; firstly, we would replace the shaker unit with one of our bespoke cartridge extraction units. This new unit would be one of our 2DCH2 reverse jet cartridge units. We would then use the stripped out shaker unit to split the second system into two separate systems. The design and quotation were subsequently issued to the customer who placed the order for our proposal after consolations within their various departments.

Dust Extraction Installation

The existing shaker unit was stripped out and sited to a new position within the customers workshop. The new cartridge extraction unit was installed in the position of the old shaker unit and new ducting was installed to connect to their existing machines.

Once the services (electricity and air) had been connected to the new cartridge extraction unit we commissioned the new system and did a full COSHH examination to use as a benchmark for future testing and to update the customers health and safety records. Full training on how to use the new extraction unit and system was given to the operators.

New Metal Dust Extraction unit New Metal Dust Extraction Unit

The second system which was now split into two had new ducting and hoods installed by our team of skilled fitters. The whole installation took place over a period of five days. Upon completion of installation we commissioned the new system and completed a full LEV COSHH examination to use as a benchmark for future testing and to update the customers health and safety records. As with the first part of the installation we also provided full training on how to use this part of the new extraction system.

Metal Dust Extraction System Metal Dust Extraction System

If you are looking for a similar solution or have questions about how we could help with metal dust extraction in your workshop today please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of knowledgeable design engineers are happy to help you find the perfect solution.