Polishing Dust Extraction System

A manufacturer and supplier of deburring and finishing tools contacted Ducting Express after visiting our website. The customer had just had a COSHH LEV thorough examination and test carried out to their dust extraction system and were advised within the LEV report that further action was deemed necessary due to the extraction airflow rates throughout the existing system falling below the required rates set out in HSG 258.

Following the initial inquiry one of our experienced design engineers visited the customers site to meet with the customer to discuss the issues highlighted in the LEV report, carry out a site survey & assessment and offer a solution to the problems at hand.

Ducting Express’ Solution

From the information collected during the site visit it was deemed that a new, upgraded extraction unit was required and some additional modifications to the internal ducting would be needed.

Existing Extraction Unit External Canopy

With the information gathered our design engineer proposed to replace the existing extraction unit with one of our DE25M mechanical shaker units fitted with an uprated 5.5kw motor. The new unit would be fully weatherproofed so the existing outside canopy/cover would no longer be required. Some internal ducting would also need modifying in order to achieve a balanced airflow throughout the system.

Extraction Layout

Dust Extraction Installation

The new filter was installed and the modifications to the internal ducting were carried out over a two-day installation by our team of highly skilled fitters.

On completion of the installation the extraction system was then tested by our commission engineer who issued a full COSHH commission report to update the customers health and safety records.

By having the new modifications installed the customer can now have peace of mind that they were compliant and that their employees are safe.

DE25M Extraction Unit Polishing Dust Extraction Unit

If you are looking for a similar solution or have questions about how we could help with extraction in your workshop today please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our team of knowledgeable design engineers would be happy to help you find the perfect solution.