Welding Fume Extraction

Supply and installation of a welding extraction point to safely vent weld fumes out of a steel fabrication workshop.

Ducting Express were contacted by a steel fabrication company to provide a quote for a welding fume extraction point at their premises. Following a change in HSE enforcement expectations for mild steel welding fume the customer needed to install a point of contact weld extract.

We were tasked with designing a weld fume extraction system to make sure exposure to any welding fume released was adequately controlled to meet the HSE guidelines.

The customer provided us with elevation drawings of the building which our project design team were able to use to create a to scale design of what was intended to fit. We proposed to supply & install a 4m extraction arm on a steel bracket with a stand alone three phase fan.

This was then to be ducted out of the building and vented vertically to above the roofline where a swedish cowl would be used to prevent rain from entering the ductwork system.

4m flexible arm drawing
Once the proposed quotation was agreed, we worked closely with the customer to arrange a suitable date for the installation. Our team of skilled installation engineers visited the site and completed the installation in a single day. Prior to our arrival, the customer cleared the area to allow for access equipment for working at height.

4M flexible arm Exterior ductwork

The customer was very happy with the installation and will potentially be installing multiple more welding fume extraction points with Ducting Express in the future. With the Kemper fan installed on this extraction point there is even the option of adding an additional arm to this point which could reduce additional costs. With their new system installed the customer can now be happy that their employees can work safely in the workshop without exposure to hazardous fumes.

Weld fume extract duct work  weld fume extraction arm

All new installations and any modifications to existing extraction are required to have an LEV test to ensure they meet Health & Safety legislation and COSHH regulations. Ducting Express have a skilled team of LEV Engineers who can ensure your Local Exhaust Ventilation system meets these regulations.

If you are concerned you do not have sufficient welding extraction within your premises please contact our team today. Our experienced team of dust & fume control engineers will be able to recommend you on what steps you need to make to ensure your employees are safe.