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LEV Monitor

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LEV Monitor

What is an LEV Monitor or LEV airflow indicator?

An LEV Monitor or LEV airflow indicator is a visual aid which can be quickly and easily fitted to your Local Exhaust Ventilation system to ensure it is working correctly. They can easily remove the worry and risk of an unsafe working environment.

With a range of 2,000 Pa, our LEV Monitor or or LEV airflow indicator is suitable for use with most systems. As an added safety feature, a minimum set point of 100 Pa is in place to ensure that the system cannot be calibrated when the LEV system is not running.

Why should I install an LEV Monitor to my LEV system?

There isn't a specific legal requirement to have LEV airflow monitor or similar fitted to an extraction. But as an employer you do by law have to make sure your LEV system keeps working properly. The HSE's LEV guidance HSG 258 recommends an airflow indicator is fitted to provide indication of sufficient airflow. Ducting Express suggest having an airflow monitor fitted to your LEV system as this is currently the only method of checking airflow that will show the operator or supervisor immediately if there's a problem.

How does an LEV Monitor work?

The LEV Monitor can be securely fastened to any duct using the screws and/or strapping provided. As the duct probe is fixed to the back of the unit, simply drill a 7mm hole into the duct and fasten in place. The built in seal will stop any air leakages and there is no requirement for additional hoses that can be fiddly and get caught.

Once the LEV Monitor has been secured to the duct and the batteries are inserted (2x AA), a static Cross will display to indicate that calibration is complete. The LEV system should then be balanced ensuring that the air flow rates meet the minimum requirements for the specific system, and calibration is as straight forward as pressing a button.

Following calibration the LEV Monitor will display an animated arrow, accompanied by an ultra-bright green LED to provide assurance that the system is operating correctly and safely. If the air flow rates drop below the set threshold, the LEV Monitor will display a flashing Cross accompanied by a red LED to advise that action needs taking.

Can the LEV Monitor tell me when my next LEV test is due?

Yes, the LEV airflow indicator / monitor comes with a built in timer to advise you that your LEV system is overdue a Thorough Examination and Test. The timer can be easily adjusted to 3, 6 or 14 months according to your Local Exhaust Ventilation system. We strongly recommend that you replace the batteries in your LEV Monitor at the same time the LEV system is inspected.

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