• Powrmatic Destratification Fan CECX 2250
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Powrmatic Destratification Fan CECX 2250

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Powrmatic CECx 2250

CECx Calecon de-stratification fans are specifically designed to lower the fuel consumption of space heating systems and at the same time, improve comfort levels. The displacement of warm air from the roof void down into the working zone converts wasted heat into useful heat reducing fuel consumption as much as 15% depending upon the building height.

An additional benefit is the ability of the fans to enhance comfort levels by creating a uniform pattern of heat throughout the area within which they are installed. CECx Calecon fans comprise of a panel box construction onto which is a resiliently mounted axial fan set which discharges warm air through an adjustable double deflection louvred grille. Automatic thermostatic controls prohibit fan operation until the roof space temperature reaches a pre-determined level. Installation is quick and easy with fans only requiring mounting via the four eye-bolts provided and the connection of an electrical supply.

Design Calculation
Step 1 - Select the CECx Calecon model fan to suit the mounting height requirements. Fans should be mounted approximately 1.0 – 1.5 metres below the roof line.
Step 2 - Calculate the building volume in cubic metres, multiply by 2 to determine the optimum air displacement.
Step 3 - To calculate the number of fans required divide the result of Step Two by the fan displacement (m³/h) shown in the table.

Model CECX 2250
Air displacement M3/H 4467
Mounting Height (maximum) 12M
Mounting Height (suggested minimum) 2.8M
Supply V/ph/Hz 230/1/50
Start Current amps 2.9
Run Current amps 0.8
Width mm 599
Depth mm 599
Overall Height mm 380
Nett weight kg 22

CECx Calecon de-stratification fans have the benefit of a twelve months guarantee. Guarantee is for parts only.

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