Bespoke Dust and Fume Extraction & HVAC Parts

For some dust & fume extraction or HVAC installations, standard parts might not be the best fit. Not all customers are aware that custom dust extraction parts can be made to fit any installation or to replace a part that might not be available anymore. These custom parts can be specified & supplied quickly. Below, we’ve included some more information on the custom parts that are requested most frequently as well as the process for requesting a quote for these parts.

Custom parts are commonly requested for dust extraction, fume extraction, HVAC & other ventilation systems. 

Common Custom Made Dust and Fume Extraction & HVAC Parts

Although this is not an exhaustive list (as many items can be completely custom made & are not just based on an existing part), we do commonly make the following parts for customers where standard parts are not quite what is required:

  • T-pieces – the angle of the T-piece can be changed as well as custom sizes for each end
  • Rocket boosters – there are many configurations of main duct connection size, number of outlets & outlet sizes
  • Rectangular duct
  • Clipped ducting – non-standard lengths are often requested & can be accommodated
  • Spiral ducting – non-standard lengths can be supplied
  • Stainless steel clipped ducting – our clipped ducting can be supplied in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel spiral ducting – spiral ducting can also be provided in stainless steel
  • Reducers – these can be provided with a range of different & non-standard sizes on each end
  • Square to round transformers – for customers looking to link square & spiral ducting
  • Bespoke panel filters

How to Get Custom Dust and Fume Extraction & HVAC Parts

In order to get custom parts, we can design them for you based on your information or sketches. You don’t have to provide us with a lot of information – we’ve been able to work off the ‘back of a fag packet’ in the past.

If you need a custom part or parts, it’s a simple, 3-step process:

  1. Send us a Sketch
  2. Get a Quote
  3. Approve the design for manufacture

Send us a Sketch

Get in touch – provide us with a basic outline of what you’re looking for or a full blueprint if you have one. Let us know what material you would like the product to be made in or ask for our advice. We’ll need to ensure that each side of the components you specify are correct before making them & so it’s important to take care as some parts may have many inlets & outlets & we’ll need to get them right.

Sometimes a quote may not require a sketch but, if you feel it could help, please send us what you can. It helps us to see a mock-up & to get an idea of the size of what you want & the angles of any parts.

Helpful things to include:

  • If you can title the email ‘Quote Request’ & your name or company name, this makes the communication process easy.
  • Please include a contact number, that can help ensure that we can quickly check any details with you.
  • Let us know what you’d like to have made or if you’re not sure, let us know if you’d like some help
  • Let us know what you’d like to use the custom item or items for
  • Let us know what your expectations are for time (if you’re working to a deadline, it’s helpful for us to know at the start)
  • Please include a delivery address. This will save time later.

You can send us your designs/sketches & request a quote either by calling us on 01455 616444 or by sending us an email to: [email protected]

Get a Quote

Once we’ve got your plans, we’ll check with you to ensure that they deliver what you want & provide you with a quote.

Approve the Design for Manufacture

If you’re happy, we’ll begin the design & begin the manufacturing process.

Next Steps

If you need to repair or replace a component or if you’d like a custom part building for dust extraction, fume extraction, HVAC or ventilation, please contact us. Our team can help you to get the right parts to fit your system & advise you on the best solution.