What Are Blast Gate Dampers?

Blast Gate Dampers

Blast gate dampers are gate valves. They are typically used in dust extraction systems for the extraction of wood, plastic, powder & other dusts. They are generally used to balance an extraction system to ensure the correct air flow rates are obtained and also to closed off a duct when the system has been designed as an either or system.

Blast Gate Design

These dampers are designed to be simple & robust. They are simply designed to enable a
damper blade to move with ease and then secured into position using an integral thumb-
operated duct screw. They are typically made of lightweight aluminium with a corrosion-
resistant blade. Because of their simplicity they can be added to new systems or retrofitted
into existing systems. Simplicity of design also means that they don’t need maintaining.
Ducting Express Services Ltd offer blast gate dampers with either galvanised steel
blades or 316 Stainless Steel blades.

The purpose of blast gates are to control the airflow from one machine to another and
maximize system efficiency: ducts may be shut off to allow more airflow to another machine.
On an either or system that does not have enough extraction airflow to adequately extract
from all points at the same time, some systems can be designed so that the blast gate
dampers can be used to open or close extraction points depending on which machine
requires extraction at a given time.

Pneumatic Blast Gate Dampers

Blast gates can be manual or automatic. With manual blast gates, a thumb screw allows the
gate to be locked in any position. These gates will smoothly move in and out of the air
stream to fully cut off the air or partially close off the duct so as to balance the system and
direct the air.

Pneumatic (automatic) blast gates dampers have an electric solenoid to control compressed
air as it is delivered to open and close pneumatic cylinders. They can be wired to any
electrical source and are typically wired so that the gates open when there is a machine or
process in need of dust/fume collection.

Pneumatic blast gates can also be controlled using a manual Pneumatic damper control kit.
Pneumatic Control Kits can be used to open one damper whilst closing another damper or
simply open or close a single pneumatic damper.

Pneumatic blast gates dampers work well on either or systems as they have the ability to
open and close every time the chop saw is turned on. This makes operation a lot less
tedious; the operator doesn’t have to open and close them between uses.

How to install Blast Gate Dampers

More Information

If you are looking to use blast gates in you extraction system, please feel free to give Ducting
Express a call. We are experts in the design & installation of extraction systems & can
advise as to what is the best solution to meet your goal. We manufacture blast gates and
can advise of their best & most economical use in your system.