Why Buy Kemper Welding Fume Extraction Systems?

Ducting Express are partners with Kemper, a leader in the field of welding smoke extraction. We choose our products and our partners carefully to ensure that we can deliver the best quality products as well as the best advice to our customers.

We have chosen Kemper for a number of reasons. These are listed below:Welding Extraction

  • Kemper has been manufacturing welding smoke extraction products for over 40 years. The company was founded in 1977 and has a significant international focus
  • Kemper’s products regularly exceed the specified legal requirements. This means that we can have confidence in the products that we stock and that we are able to offer products that help to protect our customers and keep them compliant. Kemper aims to provide its customers with absolute legal certainty for occupational safety & environmental requirements for the users of its products
  • Kemper’s products cover almost all aspects of welding extraction. The company offers a wide range of products from extraction units, to central extraction systems, exhaust arms & extractions tables as well as complete indoor ventilation systems which ensures that they use a ‘joined-up’ approach with the products they offer
  • Kemper provide useful, clear information on how to select the correct system for different types of welding fume & welding application. This helps to ensure that the products that a customer purchases will be fit for purpose
  • Kemper is one of the largest global welding fume extraction equipment companies. This is significant because the welding fume extraction equipment market is set to reach $5.9bn by 2025 due to increased global health & safety workplace regulations. Mobile units, one of Kemper’s specialisations, have become the largest segment of welding fume extraction products globally
  • Kemper are considered thought-leaders in the welding fume extraction marketplace. The company is a repository of information on dealing with hazardous substances, on extraction and on all different types of welding. The company’s website has a large number of resources and shares even more of these with its partners.

Further information

If you would like to find the right welding extraction products then please get in touch. We provide products and expertise relating to dust & welding extraction including the supply & installation of equipment. Please call us if you would like to ensure that you have the right systems in place or would like any advice on local exhaust ventilation, welding hoods or extraction arms.