Kemper Fume Extraction Systems – Here Is Why You Should Buy Them

Kemper Profimaster

During day to day work, a lot of employees are constantly exposed to toxic substances. It’s their employers’ duty to supply them with proper equipment in order to keep them safe. The government releases specific regulations, which must be met by the companies and this is how the safety of the employees is ensured. One of the most potentially dangerous jobs on the production lines is that of a welder. The risks of inhaling toxic fumes generated by the heating and treating of different metals are around them on a daily basis. Considering the number of welders on work each day and the recent updates of the requirements from HSE we have decided to remind you why we have chosen the partners we work with and why you should believe in their products as well.

Our priority as a distributor is to provide our clients with the best products available on the market and ensure competitive prices. When it comes to fume extraction systems we are partnered with one of the best on the market, Kemper UK.

Why You Should Choose Kemper Fume Extraction

Welding ExtractionKemper has a rich history in the manufacturing of fume extraction systems and their development. The company was founded way back in 1977 in Vreden, Germany. It is a family business, which makes it friendly and easy to deal with. This warmness and family approach should not leave you with the wrong idea. Kemper is not a small business, it is a globally-oriented manufacturer with over forty years of experience in the field and a lot of knowledge about the production processes that include welding operations. The professionals that work for Kemper are well familiar with the needs of the employees. It should be mentioned, that the company itself employs a lot of welders, and is obliged with their safety at work.

Kemper combines the friendly, family approach for business with strict and disciplined production methods, which brings the quality expected from German products.

Benefits of the Kemper Products

As we have just mentioned, the company was established in 1977. That same year, the company founder, Gerd Kemper, developed a filtering device that captures and extracts welding fumes directly from the source. This method is known as “spot-on extraction” and is a speciality for kemper extraction.

Kemper UK is notorious for its spot-on extraction systems, especially the mobile kemper welding fume extractor. It is fitted with a high capacity filter, which can handle bigger amounts of smoke and dust throughout its lifetime. The mobile units are durable to heavy, extensive use and have outstanding performance, thanks to the practice of Kemper to over-engineer their products and make them meet levels of protection and endurance, above those demanded by regulations. This is another thing, which you should consider before buying a product for you or your business. Will the money you invest, return in quality. With the kemper extraction products, you will get performance above most other products.

Even better, giving the fact that ​Ducting Express​ is a distributor of Kemper UK products we have the benefit of obtaining better prices, which we can translate to our customers. This combination will give you the opportunity to invest a small amount as possible and get as much performance as possible in return.

Make sure you are ​HSE Compliant​! Give yourself and your employees’ peace of mind while they are doing their jobs. Knowing that they are well protected will give them the confidence they need to perform at their best each day. Our customer support team is always ready to help you out in choosing the correct kemper fume extraction product for your business. Give them a call at 01455 616444.