Ducting Express are welding fume extraction specialists. We are also Kemper specialists. Kemper are a world-leader in fume extraction & we are proud to work closely with them & to stock their units.

Why Buy a Kemper Welding Fume Extractor?

Kemper is a global welding fume extraction specialist, offering the best welding fume extraction units and the support of over 400 staff. Kemper is a world leader in welding extraction and has been selling globally since 1977. 

The company offers a range of products including:

The company’s mobile welding fume extractor division that is world-class & Ducting Express offers a full range of units to cover all applications.

If you are looking for a mobile welding fume extraction system, Kemper has a solution, ranging from occasional to permanent use. The company’s welding fume extraction units are W3 approved, making them suitable for environments where chrome-nickel steel is being welded.

Kemper’s main fume extractors fall into the following families:

  • SmartMaster Welding Smoke Filters - A compact basic welding smoke filter unit for occasional use during welding
  • ProfiMaster Welding Filter Unit - A robust welding filter unit with a high-capacity filter
  • SmartFil Welding Filter Units - Extraction units for welding smoke with high capacity filters & safe filter changes
  • Maxifil Extraction Units - Extraction units for welding smoke with high capacity filters & safe filter changes
  • MaxiFil Active Carbon Extraction Units
  • FilterMaster XL Extraction Units - Extraction & filter units as a basic model with a cleanable filter, W3 IFA certified
  • MaxiFil Clean Welding Fume Extractor - Self-cleaning units for welding smoke & contamination-free dust disposal

Kemper offers a 12 month warranty on all of their welding extractors and this can be extended to 24 months for free by registering your portable welding fume extraction system upon purchase. 

What To Do If You Need Welding Fume Extraction Help

If you are looking for a welding fume extraction system for your factory or workshop, we can help. We are happy to give you guidance on what might be most appropriate for your business and the applications of welding extraction you require. 

We are happy to help you to determine whether fixed welding & dust fume extraction would be best for your working environment or whether your business would benefit from the flexibility of the portable welding fume extraction offered by Kemper’s mobile welding fume extraction systems.

If you’d like help, Ducting Express has an experienced team of dust & fume control engineers, with over 100 years of experience in dust & fume management. Call us on 01455 616 444 to discuss how we can help you to successfully control airborne hazardous substances in your workplace.

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