Welding Fume Extraction Filters

Welding fume extraction should be a key part any business which undertakes welding activities. Welding fume extraction systems offer effective solutions for the extraction of welding fumes in the workplace.

Exposure to welding fumes has serious health implications. As an employer you have an obligation to ensure the health & safety of your employees. The HSE require any business who undertake welding activities to ensure that suitable control measures are in place to reduce exposure to welding fumes.

There are various solutions to extract welding fumes to suit your business. These can vary from mobile welding fume extraction units, stationary welding fume extraction filters and central welding fume extraction systems. The type of welding fume extraction you use within your business will depend on many factors which you will need to consider before purchasing. What process you use? Where you’re welding? How long you are creating welding fumes? These are just a few of the many factors you’ll need to take into account.

Which type of Welding Fume Extractor is suitable for my business?

Mobile filter units – Best suited when welding takes place in multiple locations, these portable welding fume extractors are easy to move around.
Stationary fume extraction systems – A great option when space is restricted or you are trying to save space. These devices are the first option when welding fumes need to be extracted to outside of the building.
Centralised extraction systems – Most suited when welding extraction is needed at several workstations at once, these welding fume extraction systems are connected using a ducted system with the extraction arms to the welding stations. These can also be made weather-proof for outdoor installation.
Welding fume extraction tables - For fixed workspaces, these tables have integrated extraction. The extraction takes place over the surface area of the table so there is no need to adjust the extraction point.

If you would like further advice on which type of welding extraction system would be suitable for your company, call us on 01455 616 444 to discuss your welding fume extractor needs.