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Iris Dampers

Discover a range of iris dampers in different sizes and choose the perfect one for you.

What is an iris damper?
Iris dampers are reliable airflow regulators. In other words, it’s a balancing damper whose role is to modify and measure airflow in circular ductwork. The name originates from the iris-like construction of the regulation plates mechanism. It functions in a similar way to the shutters of a camera lens. Its function is to reduce the dimensions of the opening or what’s called the damper orifice. The closure that resembles a lean allows for precise control and smooth, noise-reduced airflow. The dampers are equipped with manometer connections that allow for direct pressure measurements if necessary. When they are completely open, they offer a completely free space with no part of the mechanism in the airstream.

How can iris dampers help?
Iris dampers are a perfect choice for any interior that demands precise airflow regulation. The most popular places that can enjoy the benefits of an iris damper include commercial buildings or business offices, pharmaceuticals, hygienic environments or cleanroom spaces, laboratories, and others. They’re an efficient and easy solution that offers prompt and accurate measurement, balance, and control of airflow. If you’re looking for supply and exhaust control, iris dampers are a perfect choice. In addition, the bespoke design makes it possible to use only one station to measure and control airflow.

Balancing airflow is normally a process that is associated with a lot of wasted time and big investments as it’s a pricey endeavour that is part of the ventilation system’s commissioning. Iris dampers were created to provide a linear choking or throttling of the airflow that makes the process a lot simpler and cost-effective. You only need a single device and one process to measure and make adjustments. As a result, you’ll be able to guarantee and enjoy an undisturbed and comfortable microclimate.

What are the benefits of an iris damper?
Thanks to its unique design and construction, the iris damper helps you save valuable resources like time and money. The fact that it offers single station control and measurement means that the expense and time necessary for initial installation processes and commissioning is reduced. They offer a quick solution, quiet, and affordable solution. If you require precise airflow adjustment and separate control over comfort conditions and parameters - iris dampers could help. However, it’s worth noting that the iris dampers are designed to offer balance and regulation. They don’t suit the purpose of a complete shut off. If a complete shut off is what you’re after, we recommend using a Blast Gate Damper.

How are iris dampers different from other air or duct dampers?

Standard dampers are quite noisy as they speed up the airflow along duct walls, making them undesirable and disturbing. The iris damper is among the unique duct dampers that don’t trigger any turbulence by throttling the airflow. This eliminates most of the noise and makes them a preferable choice for working environments. It also means that the system can enjoy an extended flow rate and pressure when compared to a normal damper.

Not only is this solution easier than the traditional duct damper, but it’s also a lot more affordable due to the fact that you don’t have to invest in additional sound attenuating duct parts. If you want to achieve a proper sound attenuation, all you have to do is properly install the dampers in the ventilation system. Iris dampers also offer an advantage when it comes to keeping the ventilation system clean and properly functioning. The ability to completely open the iris damper means that cleaning is a lot easier and efficient. Cleaning robots can access all duct sections that are connected by the iris dampers without any risks.

Our iris dampers are only available in galvanised steel and in the sizes that you can find in our catalogue.

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