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Round Plastic Ducting

Round ducting is most suited for long duct runs where space is unrestricted, and should always be the recommended used product over rectangular plastic ducting where space allows. Round ducting has excellent airflow characteristics with minimum air turbulence. Manufactured from white flame retardant PVC polymer, round plastic ducting is particularly suitable for most household, commercial and light industrial uses including bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms. Plastic ducting is also often used when there is a risk of corrosion as it does not corrode over time.

It is designed to be airtight and easy to fit to a range of different fittings such as bends, connectors, reducers, transformers and grilles. To fasten the plastic ducting and fittings together you should use a plastic duct sealant and self tapping screws. Ducting Express stock circular plastic duct work and fittings in diameter sizes from 100mm ducting to 150mm ducting. Where larger diameter ducting is required we recommend the use of galvanised steel spiral duct for its strength.

Rigid Ducting

Rigid Plastic Ducting is lightweight with simple to fit connections for duct fittings, extractor fans and air terminal devices. Wherever the application allows we would advise the use of rigid ducting over flexible ducting to maximise airflow. Round plastic ducting has many advantages, the advantages of using rigid ducting are:

Lightweight - Plastic ducting is very light making it easy to install.

Easy to fit together - The circular duct has large/female ends and fittings such as bends and connectors are male end so will simply fit together. To join two spirals you will need a male connection piece.

Smooth internal bore - A smooth inner surface to reduce airflow resistance & noise and increase efficiency of your ventilation system.

Good airflow - Due to the smaller surface area round ducting provides better airflow rates than it’s rectangular counterpart.

Non-corrosive - Plastic ducting is often used in fume extraction where there is a risk of corrosion from the fumes being ventilated through the system.

Easy to switch between round and rectangular ducting - For when you need to reach tight spaces you can easily switch round ducting to rectangular using a transformer.

Ducting Reducer

In applications where you are required to increase or decrease the size of the ducting in your ventilation system ducting reducers can be used. Plastic ducting reducers are easy to fit to rigid plastic ducting or to fan spigots. The large end of a plastic ducting pipe reducer is female (large) end and is designed to fit over the end of a fan spigot, the smaller end of the reducer is male (small) end and fits into solid circular plastic ducting lengths. If you are reducing between two different sized spiral ducts you will need a pipe connector to fit between the female end of your rigid duct and the reducer. If you would like any further information or require advise on whether round plastic ducting is suitable for your ventilation system please feel free to contact us by phone, email or using our online chat today. As experienced suppliers of round ducting, we are here to help.

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