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Plate Mounted Axial Fans

At Ducting Express, you can discover a wide array of plate mounted axial flow fans at affordable prices. We deliver some of the highest quality products available on the market and ensure that every client can take advantage of the right solution for their project. 

Plate mounted axial fans

Plate Mounted Axial Fans are most commonly used for wall or window mounting for simple supply or extraction applications. Some of the most popular applications that they’re used for include ventilation and extraction: ventilation for cooling, or fume extraction. They’re a popular product that is suitable for commercial spaces like factories, workshops, or warehouses. Plate mounted extractor fans can be successfully installed in different commercial premises. 

They’re designed using high-quality aluminium and come with vibration-free impellers. They’re corrosion resistant thanks to the cataforesis primer and black polyester paint finish that they’re equipped with. 

Our plate mounted axial fans come with a pre-wired junction box. You can easily control their speed thanks to the speed controller that they’re supported with. You can take advantage of the plate mounted axial flow fans in both single and three-phase motor versions. 

All of our products are carefully designed and tested before being released on the market. They’re tested based on ISO 5801 standards and they have quality assurance to BS EN ISO 9001:1994. Take advantage of an operating temperature between  -40°C and +70°C. The motor is fully protected via thermal overload control that guarantees the safety of your system. With high-class insulation, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ve selected a long-lasting and reliable product. 

The impellers supplied with the plate mounted axial fans are created with cast aluminum. This makes the product suitable for operation in outdoor conditions and abrasive airflow. We’re here to support you in making the right decision by answering any questions you may have regarding our range of available products.

Industry-grade Axial Fans 

The axial fans provided by Ducting Express will operate at balanced sound levels as they are measured in a reverberant chamber following BS848 Part 2 1985 standards. The fan performance is in accordance with BS848 Part 1 1980 regulations and requirements. 

The product comes with a terminal box that has been manufactured in accordance with IP54 standards and is safe against dust and water, regardless of the angle that it comes from. This makes the axial fans extremely suitable for outdoor spaces that are exposed to harsh weather conditions. 

Take advantage of air volumes of up to 13.89m3 /s, reversible fans that come in supply or extract versions, and reliable epoxy paint finish for maximum protection. With years of experience on the market, we provide high-quality solutions that our clients can trust and depend on. We are available at all times to provide our expert guidance and support. With dedicated and certified staff in our team, you’ll receive outstanding customer service in addition to an excellent product. 

Reach out to us, let us know what you need and we’ll make the right recommendations. A high-quality, reliable axial fan doesn’t have to be expensive and hard to find. We’ve got you covered by offering a budget-friendly and top-notch product. 

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