Train Shed Fume Extraction System


Ducting Express was contacted by one of Wales’ oldest steam railway companies to design & install a fume extraction system to remove steam from within their new railway building. 

Part of our challenge was to ensure that steam from the trains was removed from within the building whilst ensuring that visitors could still view the trains from a new viewing gallery platform.

Following the initial enquiry, our fume extraction design engineer conducted a site visit to establish the customers requirements and measure the area in order to begin the design. 

We then worked alongside the customer to agree a design of a fume extractor. We proposed to supply and fit overhead hoods/canopies, fans and fume extraction ducting which would control exhaust emissions from moving railway engines and discharge extracted fumes through high level centrally located louvres.

Smoke Hood Arrangement

The overhead canopy, due to its size, was to be divided into 2 separate canopies each with their own outlet ducting. These outlets were designed to connect to 2 separate inline axial fans supplied with their own speed controllers. One of the canopies would sit underneath a mezzanine floor viewing gallery and would be fitted with a 450mm diameter fan and then discharge to the high level louvre. The second canopy would sit above the rail track in the open area of the train shed and would be fitted with a 560mm diameter inline axial fan and then discharge to the high level louvre same as the other fume extraction canopy. Both of these canopies form one continuous canopy approximately 17.4 metres in length. A total of three canopies were required to cover the 3 tracks within the train shed.

Fume Extraction System    Train line canopy hoods

The Fume Extraction System Installation

Once the proposed design concept was agreed between the customer and Ducting Express, the installation of the fume extraction system took place over a three-week period by our skilled installation team; Installing three large 21 metre canopy hoods to three individual train lines. The ducting installed terminated at a central louvre compartment of the roof as hole penetrations were not allowed to the walls and roof of the building.

 21 Metre Canopy Hood

On completion of installation and electrical connections, a LEV COSHH test was undertaken by one of our commissioning engineers. We could then provide the customer with legal documentation for their Health & Safety records.

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